In the field of glaziery, motorists have high expectations in several areas:

  • more comfort (visual, thermic, acoustic, etc.);
  • more security (reduced risk of ejection);
  • more boldness in car design.

Hence, all our manufacturers world-wide have contracts tying them to automobile manufacturers, implying that all these products have been tested and correspond exactly to the specifications of each of these vehicles. No imitations, no trouble, only the right part for the right vehicle.

Besides windshields, we also have one of the largest inventories in Canada of lateral and rear windows which meet the same requirements in terms of quality as all our other car glass products.

So, whatever your needs in the area of car glass, PH Auto Glass can serve you.

Quality, a pledge to security

Did you know that the windshield represents 70% of the make-up of your vehicle? In fact, it’s what holds the whole passenger compartment together when you rollover.

The laminated glass used for the production of every windshield, mandatory since the beginning of the 1980’s, is composed of two layers of glass joined together by a sheet of high quality plastic (PVB) which garantees greater security for the driver and the passengers. In fact, during an impact, the glass breaks but stays stuck to the sheet of plastic, reducing the risk of ejection outside the vehicle.

With so much responsibility we must supply ourselves with the best products on the market. This is why these products, before their entry into the country, must necessarily respect strict government norms relative to automobile glass and must be identified by a universal code.

  1. The name of the manufacturing company or the name of the automobile company, to which the parties are tied by contract.
  2. Each manufacturer is given a D.O.T. by the American Transportation department. American law demands that the manufacturer identify each of its pieces of glass by engraving it with its D.O.T.number.
  3. The “American Standard Number” indicates that the piece of glass has met required performance criteria. AS1 indicates therefore that this windshield has successfully passed the multiple impact tests for windshields.

Considering the importance of the windshield in the structure of today’s vehicles, we know that the satisfaction and the security of our clients and customers rests on the quality of our products. With more than 100,000 windshields in inventory, we can provide the products they want when they want them, at competitive prices.